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Chief Data Office

Data Minimization

Data minimization is a central privacy principle that is concerned with limiting the amount of data the State of Maryland collects and retains from residents. 

Data minimization focuses of two parallel tracks: 

  • Limiting the amount of data collected to that which is necessary to provide a service 
  • Limit the amount of optional data collected and clearly designate when it is optional from a resident to provide requested information
  • Setting a retention schedule for the data reflective of compliance standards, sensitivity, and public safety needs. 
  • Adhere and adequately dispose of data once it is no longer necessary or when the retention schedule is due, whichever comes first.
  1. Unless subject to a public safety provision; or
  2. litigation hold.

The State of Maryland is embarking on an initiative to revise, establish, and follow retention schedules for physical and electronic records, especially those that contain personally identifiable information (PII).