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Chief Data Office

The Chief Data Office sets the strategic direction for data management across the Executive Brach, focusing on organization and governance, collaboration, people and culture, and innovation. This includes:

  • Assessing the data needed by State units to inform policy decisions
  • Facilitating and coordinating the sharing of State data
  • Establishing secure and efficient data use and management practices
  • Supporting and measuring the use and advancement of data analytics

The foundation for the standardized approach to managing data across the Executive Branch Agencies is built upon and aligned with Maryland’s data management vision, mission, and principles.


To use trustworthy, reliable data to maximize the delivery of government services


To empower the State of Maryland with trusted data that is easy to use, understand, and is integrated in services across Agencies and Coordinating Offices in the Executive Branch


As the State of Maryland continues to grow its statewide data governance initiatives,
four key principles must be acknowledged:

  • Data must be treated as a strategic asset
  • Data strategies must align with the business strategies of the organization
  • Data must be managed consistently
  • Data management roles must be defined

Chief Data Office Key Initiatives